A multi-cultural focus,     
international expertise.

We build inter-organization, cross-cultural bridges. Today, we must recognize that that we live in an increasingly global marketplace and that any action taken in our sphere has potentially global implications. Global PlanIt helps you understand how the world works.

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 Get Past the Fear.
Explore the Future.

Transition times can be tricky, but we have a model we take agencies through that includes the emotional and psychological foundations of change. We have implemented crisis preparedness plans as well. This is not about fear, it is about preparing your people for the vision and jobs they will carry out during and after periods of transition or crisis. Help your employees and volunteers join in creating your organization's new direction.

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Global PlanIt Client Organizations

The Global PlanIt Clients come from around the world. Our consultants bring expertise from services provided to Fortune 500 companies and many nonprofits.
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Prem-U: Première Université Régionales du Mali - Education distance

 GPI is leading an initiative to begin a community college/ university system in the regions of Mali, West Africa.  Join our Cause on Facebook. And follow the news...

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